Friday, November 13, 2009

Final MLPA map (finally) goes to Fish and Game Commission.

This week, the Blue Ribbon Task Force unanimously voted to forward the Integrated Preferred Alternative (IPA) map to the Fish and Game Commission.

The IPA is a hybrid map containing shapes from all the Regional Stakeholder Group maps. Surfrider is pleased with the map because we believe some of our recommendations were considered and incorporated into the final map. While it's not perfect, we believe the IPA contains a balance of conservation and fishing interests--and perspectives from all ocean users.

The BRTF will present the IPA to the Fish and Game Commission on Dec 9 and the Commission will make a final decision early in 2010.

Decision makers will be publishing the map on Wed, Nov 18 here.

The IPA is being viewed by decision makers as a compromise proposal. And we agree. In fact, we unequivocally agree because for the past year we have been working with "both sides of the isle"; so we know exactly what that compromise should look like.

The MLPA, as a law, was designed and written to ensure compromise is 'struck in the end'. Surfrider believes we were able to help find that balance. During this process, we made some great friends, encountered some lively debate, and spent a lot of time listening and mulling over the maps. We support the IPA and believe, in the end, it is balanced and includes Marine Protected Areas that will work for years to come.

Stay tuned as we will have further action to take before the Commission hearing on Dec 9th.

Here is some recent news coverage on the issue:

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